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Material: Galvanize platting
Length of necklace approximate 400mm

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cutie Collection


Little whale and dolphin swim in the ocean, how free they are.
What they have, is freedom.
While the funfair dolphin plays the aired ball and attracts attention of public.

Lovely Series

Blue colour love is a pure love. It pure likes water.
Let your life full with joyable songs and tones.

Saturday Night

Butterfly, is an inset which flies through the bushes.
It searches for the best among flowers.
There, another Saturday night.
Night fever has come, prepare yourself for prom or party.
Wearing an elegance necklace on the neck, gives more attraction on you.

Feminine Characteristic

Flower with thorns. This is the ROSE
Rose is most girl's beloved and it smells nice.
Red one called the mature love.
Black one called eternality.

The Flower Season

Maple leaf is a leaf which shows harmony.
How harmony your heart is.. How nice it is when there is a relaxing life.
Little flower with some dew on it, shows the viality in the morning.
with a little pearl on it, added the elegance of a female.

The Funny Rock

What a funny shaped rock on the road side.
A little stone is not attractive, but it stays eternally.
It stays there quietly, and let someone to get attracted to them.
As what a love is, not forceful but comes with fate.

Universe Collection

Universe~ How greatful it is.
It represents infinity.
Star, which shows us where is the correct path we should go.
Moon, reflexes the sun light to us when there is night, allowing us to see things clearly in the night.

The Elegance World

The daisy is a most active growth flower in summer.
It shows the elegance of a female.
Giving attraction to a female and shows the feminine characteristic.